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Sgt. Nelson's Sharps Carbine

Barn burner under Custer

Sketch by James E. Taylor of union cavalry burning Virginia barns. James Edward Taylor (1839-1901) was a battlefront artist working for Frank Leslie’s Magazine. Sketch colorized and animated by slashsplat.

Sgt. Charles Nelson's issued Sharps carbine.

Charles Nelson enlisted in the 13th New York Infantry, a two year regiment, participating in all major and minor engagements from Bull Run to Burnside's Mud March. Mustered out with his regiment while the army marched to Chancellorsville, he enlisted as sergeant in the 22nd New York Cavalry six months later. His new regiment arrived in time to participate in the Wilderness Battle with disastrous results. Wounded during the Wilson-Kautz Raid, Charles followed his regiment to the Shenandoah Valley where he served in Custer's Third Division.

If you have ever held a Civil War carbine in your hands and thought, "If only this could talk", then I have a story for you. Sit back, relax and let me tell you about Sgt. Charles Nelson and show you the Sharps carbine he carried while serving in General George Custer's Third Cavalry Division.

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Follow Sgt. Nelson's Sharps Carbine on Facebook where there are over 30 more graphics of soldiers and maps than on this web site, with more being added weekly. If you have a photo of a soldier or his headstone from the 13th or 22nd NY and wish to share with others, I'll put it on the Facebook page.

My friends in the 7th New York Cavalry are looking for good used 1859 McClellan Saddles and reproduction Sharps Carbines. You can contact the 7th New York by emailing jcjobe at cox dot net.

Please be advised, I will no longer answer emails requesting the research of your Sharps. The lack of civility to acknowledge my time and effort with a simple thank you has soured me on the experience. There is enough information within these pages to perform your own research. "Civil War Sharps Carbines & Rifles" by Coates & McAulay listed left is where I found Nelson's carbine listed. Thank you for your understanding and good luck!

This web site when titled "Sharps Carbine Issued to Pvt. Charles Nelson" was graciously featured and spotlighted by The American Civil War web site.

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